Are you watching the Superbowl? Or did you not realize the Superbowl was today? If you can admire the time and effort these men took to get into the best physical shape to play a game of their lifetime I hope you can look at your pet with a critical eye. Is your pet carrying extra weight? Does it have a waist line or can you feel their ribs when you pet their side? Being over weight is one of the top issues facing dogs and cats. As a responsible pet owner you need to evaluate what you are feeding, how much and how much exercise are they getting. Yes they are adorable and know how to beg or look real hungry but you need to show the restraint your pet isn’t able. If you can’t resist over treating your pet then cut back at meal time. You can consider getting a treat dispenser for their kibble so your pet has to work for it and it takes longer for them to get their meal. Not only is it mentally stimulating but it slows down their eating making them feel satisfied with the reduced amount of dinner. Make sure what you are feeding is not full of filler or empty calories that add to the waistline. Meat should be the first ingredient on their food and not by products or grains.

FYI – We finally have the ACANA Classic line in stock. There are 2 single protein food – Duck and Bartlett Pear & Lamb and Okanagan Apple. There is also the low gycemic Chicken and Burbank Potato which has a single grain North Alberta Oats. This food is biologically appropriate – protein rich with limited carbohydrates and is made with fresh ingredients that are never frozen.


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