We are all struggling to meet our financial obligations so I understand folks looking for the best price on furry children’s food and toys. Something to consider when comparing a single independent store to a company that has a few stores, a company that has many stores and to big box stores. Every place we buy our product from has a minimum for them to ship, a minimum to ship for free and a dollar amount to meet before you can get a discount. The dollar amount is generally high and very difficult for a single store to meet. If you have multiple stores you can also go to the manufacture directly to buy their product or food where the single store has to use a distributor that marks up the products to cover their costs. The prices in a single independent store will be a little higher in many cases because we paid a higher price for the item we didn’t price it higher because we want to make more profit than the multiple store business. As with anything if you buy enough of it you can negotiate a better price just because of the sheer volume. If the prices are the same in a single store compared to the others it could be that it is one of the few manufactures that don’t offer additional discounts for volume or the item is priced at manufacture recommended price regardless of the cost. I am so grateful to my customers that shop with me even though they have to pay a few dollars more they understand the importance of supporting very small business and shopping local thank for the joy of helping you and letting me live my dream.

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