“The weather outside is frightful” it has been very cold of late and as you spend more time inside you may find your pet start scratching or have dander. As we turn up the heat in our homes it makes for a very dry environment, you might find yourself using handcream more often. Check your pet for fleas if you find rashes or open sores be sure to consult your vet. If there have been no recent changes that could have caused an allergic reaction – moving, new cleaner, new carpet, new furniture or change in foods, etc. If you can’t trace the start of itching to a change give your pet a warm/slightly cool bath with a shampoo that includes oatmeal, aloe, tea tree oil (for example Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo) or in severe cases tar/sulpher. Leave the shampoo on the pet for several minutes and rinse throughly. If you want to blow dry your pet use a cool setting. In addition you should consider adding a fish oil to their food. The store also has Pet Kelp Skin and Coat supplement. This is packed with nutrients, Omega 6 and Omega 3; it is dried kelp and flax seed powder that can be sprinkled on their food. I personally have seen an improvement in 5 days on a dog the itching stopped and the dandruff was almost gone. You do have to be consistent sprinkling it on their food since it is natural product it will take several days to see results.

The best present you can give your dog or cat is healthy teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums will improve their breath and help their gut. Check their teeth and talk with your vet on the best course of action. Of course the store has toothbrushes, toothpaste, chews and my favorite Plaque Off. Plaque Off is a seaweed mixture that is sprinkled on the dog or cat’s food. I have seen improvement in my dogs teeth after 2 weeks and the longer I use it the better the teeth look. I would much rather sprinkle something on their food then try to remember to put an additive in their water or wrestle them to brush their teeth. A bottle is $21.95 and can last a 50 lb dog 3 months. The store also has many treats and toys to give your pet something to do while you are spending time with family and friends.

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