A new year has started.  Did you make any resolutions for this year?  Have you broken any of them?  Generally the big resolution is to lose weight does your pet need this resolution?  The top reasons for early death in pets is obesity and dental issues.  Both carry deadly side effects – obesity taxes the heart, liver and joints effecting the quality of your pet’s life, dental issues can lead to infections and make it difficult for your pet to eat.  The side effects of obesity and dental issues can lead to huge vet bills and compromising the quality of your pet’s life.  The best way to solve obesity is exercise more and feed less.  Of course your pet is going to complain with less food, but often improving the quality of what you are feeding can make your pet feel satisfied with less.  You can easily increase the protein level by adding some canned food, raw dehydrated or raw and feeding less kibble.  Not only will this increase the protein but give your pet vital moisture.  If adding pet food isn’t in your budget scoop up the amount you feed your pet then take out 3-5 pieces of kibble for the next 5-7 days then increase the number of kibble.  You can also add veggies (frozen or fresh) and fruit.  Just do this slowly since the increased fiber could cause diaherra.  Your pet will benefit from eating fresh, whole food instead of only a diet of processed food.  Also adding probiotics can improve the absorbtion of the nutrients from the food and keep everything moving through their system.  We have several products to improve dental issues from raw bones to toothbrushes.  Your pet eating kibble isn’t enough to prevent plaque and tarter build up.  It would be like a human eating corn chips or dry cereal to clean their teeth – not very effective.  Just like a diet this isn’t an easy sell to your pet but will improve their overall life even if you brush every other day with a doggy brush, finger brush or wipes.

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