Cat Health Concerns

Did you know the #1 reason cat owners went to the vet office can be solved with under $1 a day?  In 2012 the most vet office visits were due to Feline Cystitis or feline lower urinary tract disorder.  According to Veterinary Pet Insurance the average claim for the visit was $251.  #2 is dental issues, #3 hyperthyroidism, #4 chronic renal disease and #5 gastropathy, a stomach disease.  What do the majority of issues have in common?  The cat is not getting enough fluids.  Felines are designed with a lower thirst drive than most animals, which means they must get most of their hydration from the food they eat.  If you are only feeding your kitty dry food their body is in a chronic state of mild dehydration which ultimately leads to serious problems with the urinary tract.

Everyone says – “but my cat drinks lots of water”.  I think we believe this because we hear kitty lapping away but due to the shape of their tongue it takes many, many laps to even get a sip of water.  An easy way to tell is if kitty is getting enough fluids is does the urine have a strong smell and dark in color, this means she is not getting enough hydration.  This can easily be solved by adding  a good quality wet food for at least one meal and providing a constant supply of clean, fresh water.  Some cats are more attracted to moving water so a fountain can be the best option.  Lots of people say  – “but my cat won’t eat wet”.  You need to keep on trying there are so many types and styles of wet cat food you need to find one kitty will eat.  I know they can be picky, you can always try putting their paw in the food so they at least try it.  The last resort would be to add a tablespoon or two of fresh water to their dry food.

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