As the weather warms up everyone is outside more with their canine companion. Put a poop bag in your pocket or tie some bags to your leash if your leash doesn’t have a bag dispenser on it. Put poop bags in the pocket of every jacket you have, in fact put two! As you walk take note of the many poop bag dispensers businesses have purchased and put on the street; 3rd & Bell, 5th & Vine, 3rd & Lenora to name a few. If you find you have left home without a poop bag head towards one of the dispenser and grab a bag. We sell a 60 pack of bags (2 per day for a month) for $4.95, put it in your budget.

Walking around Belltown I am dismayed to see so much dog poop sitting on the sidewalks or under every tree or bush. I don’t care how small it is, pick it up! Part of the responsibility of owning a dog is picking up their poop. It helps if you are holding on to the end of a leash so you can see them stop to answer the call of nature. If you are unwilling or unable to do this you should seriously consider rehoming your dog. Why is it someone else’s responsibility to clean up after your dog? This is your city and in most case your home why do you want it to look dirty and inconvenience others? Did you know lots of disease can be spread by poop? Quit being lazy or absorbed in your phone instead of paying attention and being a responsible dog owner.

I won’t get started on people letting their dog pee on sandwich boards, windows (yes, store windows) or jump onto planters to do their business. My other peeve is those beautifying the streets by planting flowers under every tree on a block and hanging signs saying curb your dog, or dog free zone. I read that Belltown has 4 dogs to every child and Seattle has the most dogs than any other large city. There needs to be places for them to handle the call of nature, not every dog can go to the lot size off-leash park or live in a building with a dog area on the roof. Why not have one spot on each block where a dog can take a pee or poo? You could dig up some of the dirt, put a layer of pea gravel then put the dirt back to have a nice filter system. When I am out walking I do try to respect the “garden” areas but how realistic is it to have it block after block?

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