As the weather warms up everyone is outside more with their canine companion. Put a poop bag in your pocket or tie some bags to your leash if your leash doesn’t have a bag dispenser on it. Put poop bags in the pocket of every jacket you have, in fact put two! As you walk take note of the many poop bag dispensers businesses have purchased and put on the street; 3rd & Bell, 5th & Vine, 3rd & Lenora to name a few. If you find you have left home without a poop bag head towards one of the dispenser and grab a bag. We sell a 60 pack of bags (2 per day for a month) for $4.95, put it in your budget.

Walking around Belltown I am dismayed to see so much dog poop sitting on the sidewalks or under every tree or bush. I don’t care how small it is, pick it up! Part of the responsibility of owning a dog is picking up their poop. It helps if you are holding on to the end of a leash so you can see them stop to answer the call of nature. If you are unwilling or unable to do this you should seriously consider rehoming your dog. Why is it someone else’s responsibility to clean up after your dog? This is your city and in most case your home why do you want it to look dirty and inconvenience others? Did you know lots of disease can be spread by poop? Quit being lazy or absorbed in your phone instead of paying attention and being a responsible dog owner.

I won’t get started on people letting their dog pee on sandwich boards, windows (yes, store windows) or jump onto planters to do their business. My other peeve is those beautifying the streets by planting flowers under every tree on a block and hanging signs saying curb your dog, or dog free zone. I read that Belltown has 4 dogs to every child and Seattle has the most dogs than any other large city. There needs to be places for them to handle the call of nature, not every dog can go to the lot size off-leash park or live in a building with a dog area on the roof. Why not have one spot on each block where a dog can take a pee or poo? You could dig up some of the dirt, put a layer of pea gravel then put the dirt back to have a nice filter system. When I am out walking I do try to respect the “garden” areas but how realistic is it to have it block after block?

Cat Health Concerns

Did you know the #1 reason cat owners went to the vet office can be solved with under $1 a day?  In 2012 the most vet office visits were due to Feline Cystitis or feline lower urinary tract disorder.  According to Veterinary Pet Insurance the average claim for the visit was $251.  #2 is dental issues, #3 hyperthyroidism, #4 chronic renal disease and #5 gastropathy, a stomach disease.  What do the majority of issues have in common?  The cat is not getting enough fluids.  Felines are designed with a lower thirst drive than most animals, which means they must get most of their hydration from the food they eat.  If you are only feeding your kitty dry food their body is in a chronic state of mild dehydration which ultimately leads to serious problems with the urinary tract.

Everyone says – “but my cat drinks lots of water”.  I think we believe this because we hear kitty lapping away but due to the shape of their tongue it takes many, many laps to even get a sip of water.  An easy way to tell is if kitty is getting enough fluids is does the urine have a strong smell and dark in color, this means she is not getting enough hydration.  This can easily be solved by adding  a good quality wet food for at least one meal and providing a constant supply of clean, fresh water.  Some cats are more attracted to moving water so a fountain can be the best option.  Lots of people say  – “but my cat won’t eat wet”.  You need to keep on trying there are so many types and styles of wet cat food you need to find one kitty will eat.  I know they can be picky, you can always try putting their paw in the food so they at least try it.  The last resort would be to add a tablespoon or two of fresh water to their dry food.


What does it mean to be an independent retailer?  When do you become a chain as opposed to an independent?  When do you stop being small business?  Are you still considered an independent when you have 3, 5, 10 or 20 stores? Can you be considered an independent when you have more than 20 stores in 2 states?  The landscaped of single store independent owned pet supply stores is dwindling to be dominated by local own multi store companies.  The multi store owners just need to look where an independent is doing well to decide to put a store in the same area.  In the current economy they are able to siphon customers with their bulk buying; offering lower prices or similar pricing with a larger profit.  Please support your independent retailers we are all working hard to bring you the best quality products.  Shop local small business, we are usually supporting other small business.


A new year has started.  Did you make any resolutions for this year?  Have you broken any of them?  Generally the big resolution is to lose weight does your pet need this resolution?  The top reasons for early death in pets is obesity and dental issues.  Both carry deadly side effects – obesity taxes the heart, liver and joints effecting the quality of your pet’s life, dental issues can lead to infections and make it difficult for your pet to eat.  The side effects of obesity and dental issues can lead to huge vet bills and compromising the quality of your pet’s life.  The best way to solve obesity is exercise more and feed less.  Of course your pet is going to complain with less food, but often improving the quality of what you are feeding can make your pet feel satisfied with less.  You can easily increase the protein level by adding some canned food, raw dehydrated or raw and feeding less kibble.  Not only will this increase the protein but give your pet vital moisture.  If adding pet food isn’t in your budget scoop up the amount you feed your pet then take out 3-5 pieces of kibble for the next 5-7 days then increase the number of kibble.  You can also add veggies (frozen or fresh) and fruit.  Just do this slowly since the increased fiber could cause diaherra.  Your pet will benefit from eating fresh, whole food instead of only a diet of processed food.  Also adding probiotics can improve the absorbtion of the nutrients from the food and keep everything moving through their system.  We have several products to improve dental issues from raw bones to toothbrushes.  Your pet eating kibble isn’t enough to prevent plaque and tarter build up.  It would be like a human eating corn chips or dry cereal to clean their teeth – not very effective.  Just like a diet this isn’t an easy sell to your pet but will improve their overall life even if you brush every other day with a doggy brush, finger brush or wipes.


“The weather outside is frightful” it has been very cold of late and as you spend more time inside you may find your pet start scratching or have dander. As we turn up the heat in our homes it makes for a very dry environment, you might find yourself using handcream more often. Check your pet for fleas if you find rashes or open sores be sure to consult your vet. If there have been no recent changes that could have caused an allergic reaction – moving, new cleaner, new carpet, new furniture or change in foods, etc. If you can’t trace the start of itching to a change give your pet a warm/slightly cool bath with a shampoo that includes oatmeal, aloe, tea tree oil (for example Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo) or in severe cases tar/sulpher. Leave the shampoo on the pet for several minutes and rinse throughly. If you want to blow dry your pet use a cool setting. In addition you should consider adding a fish oil to their food. The store also has Pet Kelp Skin and Coat supplement. This is packed with nutrients, Omega 6 and Omega 3; it is dried kelp and flax seed powder that can be sprinkled on their food. I personally have seen an improvement in 5 days on a dog the itching stopped and the dandruff was almost gone. You do have to be consistent sprinkling it on their food since it is natural product it will take several days to see results.

The best present you can give your dog or cat is healthy teeth and gums. Healthy teeth and gums will improve their breath and help their gut. Check their teeth and talk with your vet on the best course of action. Of course the store has toothbrushes, toothpaste, chews and my favorite Plaque Off. Plaque Off is a seaweed mixture that is sprinkled on the dog or cat’s food. I have seen improvement in my dogs teeth after 2 weeks and the longer I use it the better the teeth look. I would much rather sprinkle something on their food then try to remember to put an additive in their water or wrestle them to brush their teeth. A bottle is $21.95 and can last a 50 lb dog 3 months. The store also has many treats and toys to give your pet something to do while you are spending time with family and friends.


We are all struggling to meet our financial obligations so I understand folks looking for the best price on furry children’s food and toys. Something to consider when comparing a single independent store to a company that has a few stores, a company that has many stores and to big box stores. Every place we buy our product from has a minimum for them to ship, a minimum to ship for free and a dollar amount to meet before you can get a discount. The dollar amount is generally high and very difficult for a single store to meet. If you have multiple stores you can also go to the manufacture directly to buy their product or food where the single store has to use a distributor that marks up the products to cover their costs. The prices in a single independent store will be a little higher in many cases because we paid a higher price for the item we didn’t price it higher because we want to make more profit than the multiple store business. As with anything if you buy enough of it you can negotiate a better price just because of the sheer volume. If the prices are the same in a single store compared to the others it could be that it is one of the few manufactures that don’t offer additional discounts for volume or the item is priced at manufacture recommended price regardless of the cost. I am so grateful to my customers that shop with me even though they have to pay a few dollars more they understand the importance of supporting very small business and shopping local thank for the joy of helping you and letting me live my dream.


Are you watching the Superbowl? Or did you not realize the Superbowl was today? If you can admire the time and effort these men took to get into the best physical shape to play a game of their lifetime I hope you can look at your pet with a critical eye. Is your pet carrying extra weight? Does it have a waist line or can you feel their ribs when you pet their side? Being over weight is one of the top issues facing dogs and cats. As a responsible pet owner you need to evaluate what you are feeding, how much and how much exercise are they getting. Yes they are adorable and know how to beg or look real hungry but you need to show the restraint your pet isn’t able. If you can’t resist over treating your pet then cut back at meal time. You can consider getting a treat dispenser for their kibble so your pet has to work for it and it takes longer for them to get their meal. Not only is it mentally stimulating but it slows down their eating making them feel satisfied with the reduced amount of dinner. Make sure what you are feeding is not full of filler or empty calories that add to the waistline. Meat should be the first ingredient on their food and not by products or grains.

FYI – We finally have the ACANA Classic line in stock. There are 2 single protein food – Duck and Bartlett Pear & Lamb and Okanagan Apple. There is also the low gycemic Chicken and Burbank Potato which has a single grain North Alberta Oats. This food is biologically appropriate – protein rich with limited carbohydrates and is made with fresh ingredients that are never frozen.